5 Electrical New Year’s Resolutions To Improve Your Home Electrical System

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December 19, 2019
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5 Electrical New Year’s Resolutions To Improve Your Home Electrical System

The New Year is a time for change, improvement and setting new goals for the coming year. For homeowners, keeping your family and home safe is always the number one priority and your electrical system can play a large role in helping you achieve this goal. At GNH Electric, our team of expert electrical contractors in Jacksonville, FL has the experience and expertise needed to make sure that your electrical system operates as efficiently as possible this coming year and beyond.

There are a number of simple things you can do this new year to help improve your electrical system, its efficiency, and also to reduce your power bills. While you will be able to complete some of these tasks yourself with ease, others will require the help of a professional residential electrician in Jacksonville, FL who has the skills required to get the job done right. It is important to ensure that your electrical system is operating safely and efficiently and by taking the time to learn what you can do to make it better, you will soon reap the benefits of these improvements.

Let’s take a look at a few useful tips as to how you can improve your home electrical system this year.

Start Using LED Bulbs

While LED bulbs are still a little more expensive than traditional bulbs, they really do pay off in the long run. Our electrical contractors in Jacksonville, FL advise our clients to make the switch to LED bulbs where possible as they last longer, use less power, are better for the environment and still provide as much light as their predecessors. With more homes making the move towards a greener future, installing LED bulbs is a great first step in improving the efficiency of your electrical system, reducing your power consumption and lowering your bills in the process.

Install a Surge Protector

With the number of electronics that are around most homes these days, you must be extra careful of power surges. An electrical surge can cause major damage to your electrical appliances, and if not protected, they could seriously damage and need to be repaired. A whole-house surge protector is easily installed by our team of expert electrical contractors in Jacksonville, Fl. This little piece of technology can save you a lot of time, money and hassle over time.

Be Smart With Power Usage

The entire world is trying to go greener and conserve energy more than ever. You really should be doing your part, if only for the savings on your monthly bills. Make sure to leave electronics unplugged if they are not being used, turn down your heat or AC whenever possible, and try not to leave any lights on that aren’t necessary. It all adds up and will help lower your carbon footprint along with your energy costs.

Replace Those Batteries

Every home should have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as they are essential to your safety and well-being. A few times a year you should go around your home and change the batteries in all of these detectors. Doing this small task will help to ensure that any smoke or carbon monoxide will be detected, and you will be warned should such a situation arise.

Start The New Year Right By Improving Your Home Electrical System

With changing any habit, whether it be personal or professional, it all starts with keeping your mind focused. If you can get into the routine of changing batteries, turning off lights and electronics, and lowering that AC when you don’t need it, you will soon be on your way to an improved electrical system and lower household bills. If you have any concerns or need advice as to how you can improve your electrical system, simply get in touch with our GNH Electric team of electrical contractors in Jacksonville, FL. We are always ready to lend a hand and help you make the right call when it comes to your home electrical system.