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GNH Electrical Services delivers excellent quality service to residential and business areas. Service work includes: any electrical outlet additions whether ceiling or wall, maintenance if you experience a loss of power, appliance installation like garage lights and porch fans, and any general worry you may have about your electrical system.

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Service Upgrades

As technology advances, so does our need for upgrades. Upgrading appliances sometimes require a higher electrical input and output. GNH Electrical Services can update older homes and outdated electrical systems, further suiting them for modern power use. Older homes are the houses that were built 50 or more years ago. These homes tend to have less than the needed ampere to power all the devices used today. For example, the average home has heating and cooling systems, refrigerators, washers and dryers, laptops, flat-screens, game consoles, and more. This can total to about 200 amps. Older homes were wired to support 60 amps.

Safeguarding New Electrical Service Upgrades with Special Devices

Surges in electricity tend to happen when the current of electricity is interrupted and then started again. Another instance is when an appliance sends electricity flowing back to the source, supplying it power. This can be extremely detrimental and damaging, whether low level in strength or a higher power surge. Low end surges may cause something known as electrical rust. Since visual external signs like erosion around the inside of the outlet go unseen to the naked eye, most are unaware that it’s evening happening.

Big power surges, like lightning strikes, can cause damage as soon as it touches down. This overloads the circuits which melts plastics and certain metal parts. These type of power surges are rare; however, storms are frequent in Florida which raises the chances slightly.

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Home electrical service upgrades are a smart investment. More so, these upgrades are an investment worth protecting. Each upgrade increases the efficiency and comfortability inside of your home. Upgrades can include new wiring for your house that increases the maximum amperage in your home, certain appliances like ceiling fans and heating/cooling appliances, and more. Homeowners have the option of having a full home surge protector installed by a GNH Electrical Services specialist.

Telltale Symptoms of an Electrical System That is Overloaded or in Need of Upgrades

Failing electrical systems have warning signs. Some issues that may occur when your electrical system needs to be adjusted consists of:

A lower amperage in certain areas around your home
The breakers are flipping frequently when a certain number of devices are plugged in
Noises like buzzing, sizzles, crackling, popping, etc. coming from inside the walls


Before making any alterations to your home, we recommend every homeowner or renovator researches all additions they would like to make before deciding to move forward. Here at GNH Electric, we provide free consultations and are more than happy to answer any of your questions. Giving you control is what we’re all about! GNH Electrical Services operates on honesty, integrity, and top-quality work. Upon inspection, if we feel the wiring in your home is up to date with current safety and efficiency standards, we will inform you. Our professionals use their expertise knowledge to provide the best answer to fit inside of your budget and needs. Want a service upgrade? Need an inspection?

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