Recessed Lighting Fixtures Jacksonville

Recessed lighting is made of lights that are install more inward in the ceiling instead of being mounted on the ceiling itself.

Don’t have indents in the ceiling? No problem. With modern technology, incisions can be easily created inside the existing ceiling.

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What’s the Big Deal with Recessed Lighting?

The brightened display presented by recessed lights bring about a simple, elegant, and clean look inside any home. Recessed lights can raise the amount of light available in the room, accent art being exhibited or act as decoration, and make the space feel and look larger and more spacious.

Deciding Which Recessed Lighting Fixtures to Use

Some recessed lighting fixtures are created differently for insulated houses and non-insulated houses. This doesn’t take away from the easy installation taken place on the support beams in the ceiling. What this means is certain designs are made to attune with current wiring in the house. It is important to note that the need for the fixtures to be IC, or insulation contact, housing rated for use near insulation in an insulated house is required. Non-insulation contact houses units may be used if the ceiling is non-insulated.

Choosing the Location for Installing Recessed Lighting Fixtures

GNH Electric has key recommendations we offer to everyone to be taken into consideration when selecting where to place recessed lights. When making your selection:

The outskirts of the wall can be brightened with recessed lights to give the place a more broad, roomy feel.
Insure the size of the recessed lighting fixture is equivalent to the space placed between each fixture. For instance, if the fixture is seven inches the distance between each light fixture should be seven feet.
Illuminating multiple dimension objects like life-size figurines, mantle pieces, or artwork with recessed lighting would work best with two to three different lights with placements at various angles.
Placing recessed light fixtures in the bottom of the cabinets inside your kitchen will flush your countertops making them light focal points.
Unless you’re going for the airstrip runway look, shake the thought of aligning your lights extremely in columns or sequences down the middle of the room. Also, lose the thought of having your light fixtures extremely close together.
Position your recessed lighting fixtures middle aligned with the front of the object you’d like to highlight. The recommended distance is anywhere between one to one and a half feet in front of the highlighted object.
Be mindful of placement when the recessed light is being used for reading or a task that needs light. If the overhead position isn’t accurate, your body could disrupt the light and defeat the purpose of its location. Make sure the lighting is positioned in a way that your head and shoulders do not interfere.


Before making any alterations to your home, we recommend every homeowner or renovator researches all additions they would like to make before deciding to move forward. Here at GNH Electric, we provide free consultations and are more than happy to answer any of your questions. GNH Electric Services would love to hear how you would like your outdoor lights installed! Giving you control is what we’re all about!

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