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Home Generators Jacksonville FL

During the most recent hurricane that hit Florida, a lot of people in our communities were left without power during and after the storm passed. The damages were so detrimental FEMA offered reimbursement for those who lost a significant amount of food due to spoiling.

GNH Electric offers a permanently installed backup generator as a service. The Home Generators are powered by natural gas or liquid propane and is positioned outside, like your HVAC unit. The power generated is enough to power your entire home’s electrical wiring or just pivotal items like your home security system or wireless router if you work from home.

A Mind of its Own

  • Our Home Generators have an auto-start, auto-stop feature! This eliminates the need for you to set it up and turn it on or off in case of emergency, regardless of if you’re home or not.

Integrated Fueling

  • We remove your need to use your gas containers to refill your generator! Your home backup generator uses the natural gas or liquid propane that already exists in your house as fuel.

Straight Shot to Your Home

  • GNH Electric equips your generator to your home’s electrical panel. This helps you avoid the need of running any type of extension cord through an open window or door!

Types of Generator Services

  • GNH Electric developed an all-encompassing range, from turnkey installation of auto power generators to portable generators. Our experts are budget accommodating with our ultimate objective being to find the ideal fit for you and your needs.

'Round the Clock Support

  • Losing power doesn’t happen on a set schedule. Therefore, 24-hour generator support is available just in case you have questions or concern.
    Are you REALLY in control of your home? Who determines what is the right amount of power your home needs? In times of emergency, who makes the decision on what’s important enough to receive power? With a backup generator, you gain the power of controlling what’s dire and what can wait.

So…Turnkey Installation?

Turnkey installation is a fancy way of stating one of our installation packages. It entails GNH Electric buying your generator, delivery of it, installation of critical power loads, and connecting the generator to your gas supply or liquid propane supply. After installation, a licensed generator expert starts your new generator and configures the run cycle and power settings.

Your new backup generator comes on by itself when you lose power and cuts off automatically once your home regains electricity. Also, it auto-starts once a week to keep the motor in good health while only needing an annual routine maintenance. Turnkey installations possess the ability to generate enough power for your entire home; however, that’s determined by the size of your home and generator. We can power your most vital circuits, or the entire house. The main difference between turnkey and a more simple installation is how turnkey is automatic during an outage.


Before making any alterations to your home, we recommend every homeowner or renovator researches all additions they would like to make before deciding to move forward. Here at GNH Electric, we provide free consultations and are more than happy to answer any of your questions. GNH Electric Services would love to hear how you would like your outdoor lights installed! Giving you control is what we’re all about!

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