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GNH Electric Jacksonville, FL specializes in high-quality electrical services for home automation. You can depend on our team to deliver a completely honest electrical work in any Jacksonville location from Orange Park to Palm Coast, St. Augustine, Ormond Beach, and more. Our electrical services are rated as one of the finest in the region, and all work is covered by a full warranty.
While we do offer a comprehensive range of electrical services, we’re also keen to retain a sense of flexibility. Our customers are more than names in an appointment book. We know that, sometimes, you might not be sure what it is you need or what kind of support should be provided. This is why we always talk directly to customers before offering a recommendation.

Whether you’re looking for Commercial and Residential Electrical services, home automation, or simply backup generators you can put your faith in our expert team of Electrical Contractors Jacksonville FL. Just give us a call, and we’ll arrange a home visit.

Commercial and Residential

GNH Electric’s professionals are equipped with the know-how so that they can handle a variety of situations. Are you experiencing electrical wiring issues with your home? Enjoyed our quality service or having electrical infrastructure issues at your business? GNH Jacksonville Electrical Contractors are the team to call. Our personnel possess the skills needed to find and resolve any electrical system issue you may have with the first visit. Certified and educated, our team provides the highest quality possible in terms of service, courtesy, and safety. We are assisting businesses and residences alike daily to ensure protected and hospitable spaces are maintained.


Safety is More than Peace of Mind

GNH Electrical Contractors Jacksonville, Florida understands the importance of safety. We also understand the importance of remote monitoring. Your automated home can alert you to certain plumbing issues since the connection was made to your water sensor or even inform you of somebody’s arrival through a camera installation.

We’ve all had those days where we’re in such a rush we forget to do one thing. You overslept so you wake up and hurryingly get ready. Now you’re out the door and down the road when it hits you, you forgot to set the alarm! Through home automation, you can remotely access your alarm system, arming it without having to physically be present to enter the pin. Additionally, if you have kids and want to make sure they are safe until you arrive home, you can disarm the alarm to allow them inside, then re-arm the alarm.

Economical Savings

Having the effective means to control all appliances allows for ultimate energy conservation. Since you’re able to make the settings, you can ensure that nothing is in use while no one is home. Although this seems complex, the technology is incredibly user friendly and easy to learn. Incorporating home automation not only makes your life easier, it’s fun to use. Impress friends, visiting family members, and neighbors alike with adjusting the stereo in the living room from the garage or answering the front door for the delivery man while making a quick run to the store!

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