Electrical Safety Inspection Jacksonville FL

Home renovations give a house a new look and feel. In some instances, these improvements include widening the space available, a redesign of the layout, and more. Having a licensed, trained professional assisting you while you remodel your home helps to guarantee the remodel you had in mind is completed safely and punctually.

The elite personnel of GNH Electric possess years of experience when it comes to electrical services and how they come into play while making home improvements. More so, they are experienced in servicing Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas. The project can be as big as an entire home or office space, or as small as adding more closet space. GNH Electric has your back and can help you create the home that will satisfy your wants, needs, and dreams.

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Renovating Your Home Electrical Services

The overall intent in terms of house remodeling is for a new space to be created that meets or exceeds all individual needs and whatever you may fancy. GNH Electric has a team of licensed experts who focus on quality and efficiency. Discerning between how your electrical system can be altered, our professionals supply you with the knowledge and recommendations on how to achieve the modifications you want. Services that we have available for the renovation of your new space include:
  • Readjusting or redoing the existing wiring in the room
  • Expanding the electrical layout for the new addition
  • Adding more outlets to the area
  • Shifting appliances inside a given room
  • Making sure all electrical needs are attuned

The Importance of Having a GNH Electrician During House Renovations in Florida

Home improvements sometimes uncover a can of worms. Meaning, while making enhancements around the house you might uncover something damaged, work that needs to be upgraded and modernized, or something else that needs a replacement or repair. So contact us for Home Inspection today.

Home Inspection Jacksonville FL

With a GNH Electric electrician on site, the amount of postponed time accumulated for your project will be minimal. Our electricians bestow the most accurate advice possible to help resolve problems that may arise. Furthermore, a building needs to be up to standard (or regulation) to gratify the requirements set by the county or city office officials. Here at GNH Electric, we insure our team members have extensive knowledge on these codes. With their knowledge, our workers use their experience to cater a higher level of quality service to make sure you experience little to no obstacles throughout the process.


Before making any alterations to your home, we recommend every homeowner or renovator researches all additions they would like to make before deciding to move forward. Here at GNH Electric, we provide free consultations and are more than happy to answer any of your questions. GNH Electric Services would love to hear how you would like your outdoor lights installed! Giving you control is what we’re all about!

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