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When it comes to purchases, a home seems to be one of the biggest investments made across our lives. A home can be passed down and become an heirloom. A home provides safety and love from a journey, whether the distance is close or far. We pay property taxes, pay for damages to be fixed, various forms of insurance, and more that causes our home to be a costly expense.

Bills are another expensive asset that comes with homes. The electric bill, in particular, is a cost that is constantly changing and growing. Previously, solar powering your home wasn’t a choice the average homeowner could make. However, as times progress, so does the availability of different resources. Utilizing the sunshine already present on the roof of your house by integrating a solar system onto your home, can provide long-term value. By converting the sunlight into usable energy, electricity bills are lowered substantially with savings that can reach up to about 90% and sometimes more.

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Accruing Worth as Your Home Ages

Intermediately, deciding to invest your wealth inside of solar power increases the house’s overall resale value by almost 4%. Almost always, the rise of the worth of the house overreaches the cost of initial installation. This prominent increase offers an instantaneous ROI or Return on Investment.

Cash Back and Gratuity Arrangements

The government on a local, state, and federal level is making the process more attainable for a single-family household to have the option of a solar powered home. Using cash back programs and credit on taxes for homeowners, the government causes solar energy to be extremely cost efficient.

How Easy is Easy?

Here at GNH Electric, we believe in making the complex as simple as possible and easy to understand. Our professional electricians complete the job correctly the first time. We have several simple steps that will change your home from an energy consumer, into an energy saver. These steps are:

  • Step One – First Free Onsite Consultation
  • Step Two – Contracts, Invoices, HOA approval
  • Step Three – Date of Installation
  • Step Four – Local Officials Inspect Your New System
  • Step Five – Replacing Energy Meter
  • Step Six – Congrats on Being a New Solar System Owner

Knowing Where Your Renewable Energy is Coming From

The sun is profusely reliable in Florida. Even when it rains, we know the sun is shining behind the clouds. With sunlight being in abundance, the gathering of solar energy from a solar power system is just as reliable, more so on a yearly basis. As a consumer of energy provided by the sun, you’ll become well equipped with knowledge on saving energy, generating energy, and energy overall.

Solar Panels Jacksonville

The patterns you notice across the months will be prevalent with information. Looking at the total number of kilowatt-hours consumed and take that away from the kilowatt-hours reaped helps you determine if you breakeven. Breaking even in this case is the same as saying you’ve reached a net-zero, thus saving energy.



Before making any alterations to your home, we recommend every homeowner or renovator researches all additions they would like to make before deciding to move forward. Here at GNH Electric, we provide free consultations and are more than happy to answer any of your questions. GNH Electric would love to hear how you would like to add to your home or office (yes, we help businesses too)! Giving you control is what we’re all about!

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